At House of Glass, Inc., our comprehensive knowledge of C.H.I. Overhead Doors allows us to provide our customers with an experience unparalleled elsewhere.  This exceptional service has allowed us to reach a 4-star rating with CHI.  Whether you are looking for an overhead door for your home or business, the wide array of door styles and colors will ensure that your new overhead door compliments your home.

CHI, overhead door, garage door

‣   Overlay Carriage House

‣   Recessed Panel

​​‣   Multiple colors to choose from

CHI Tools

‣   Flush Panel
​‣   Accents Woodtones

‣   Aluminum Full-view

Emergency Service: Chris - 290-0788 or Kevin - 380-4518; Overhead only: Rob - 380-1372

Visualization Tools

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‣   Raised Panel
​‣   Stamped Carriage House

‣   Fiberglass

C.H.I.Overhead doors

Areas of expertise

Door style & color options

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